arlington, va
thu 1-jun-06

fountain next door - 31.may.06

Summertime has arrived. Been lounging at the pool. Thinking about what to take to Wyoming. Leaving in less than 2 weeks. First, I have to make room in the freezer for a generous supply of frozen sandwiches for the Carlton.

I am really tired of Mr Bush, and 98% of the congress. Would they please all go back to where ever they came from until after Labor Day? And while they are back "there" would the voters please beat some sense into them.

HELLO, we the real people don't really care about Gay Marriage. We should rejoice that anyone is willing to make a lifetime commitment to cherish and care for another. We don't much care if English is our national language. In fact, we are embarrassed when Mr Bush attempts to speak English.

I am not sure we should blame congress or Mr Bush for this - but, why is the FBI still looking for Jimmy Hoffa's body? And what exactly would they do with it - if they found it? And about Rep. William Jefferson - they found 90 thou in cold cash in his freezer? Ain't democracy grand?

Just leave town. Go back home to where you came from. Talk to real people. Better idea, listen to real people.




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