sun 1-jul-07

olde towne alexandria

Still in my funk - which must be why I have been neglecting the blog.

Next saturday I am taking the iron horse to Virginia Beach. Where I shall spend a week with the family at the beach.

Last week's list of things to eat on the fridge door was very helpful. Not everything got eaten - so there are some carryovers.

  1. Veggie meatballs, marinara sauce, and gnocchi.
  2. Veggie hot dogs and baked beans.
  3. Veggie Burgers and brown rice with peas.
  4. Carb cakes and who cares what else.
  5. Whatever fish is in the freezer with zucchini
  6. Chicken sausage with granny smith apples and rice
  7. Make a vat of pasta salad and leave for Carlton to eat while I am gone.

Investments. I made $500 on my Apple move. Rang the register on Friday morning. But, I kept 50 shares. Just in case, it spikes up on Monday. Also, just in case - I have a stop loss order set to recover my costs and all the commissions.

I have 3 days off from volunteer work. Think I'll think about getting out of my funk.