arlington, va

sun 3-aug-08

Found this pink and grey hibiscus today outside the Smithsonian

Went out and took some pictures today. Tell you one thing. Most of them have already been deleted.

Haven't chatted about the stock market lately. I am still trying to figure out where to be for what ever is going to be the next act of our economy. But, I figure that if you can not stomach a bear market - you shouldn't be in the market. And, as much as it hurts, you have to be buyer. It does no good to hold losses. I am holding nontrivial losses in Toyota. But, Toyota will be sold by Xmas. Mostly I am moving towards companies that make real "stuff". I sold 50% of my oil stocks. It was time to take profits. Also took some Trinity Industries off the table. They make box cars. That was my market activity last week.