peg & carlton

I had a major system failure. I have Ubuntu operating. This is a test of ftp using a firefox extension.
Wow - it worked. Friday January 16 2009

Saturday January 17 2009

So, what's the problem? Well, a couple of days ago - when I am enjoying a really bad sinus infection - my computer it had a problem and needed to restart. But, it wouldn't restart. Not too worry. It was late, I was sick. I figured it would be OK in the morning. Next morning, it still wouldn't start. Not in SAFE Mode, not in last known good mode. At least one vital DLL is hosed.

This is not good. I have no idea if I can get my data and images back. But that isn't the worst - the worst is no computer. No way to get pictures out of the camera. No email. No way to get online to buy plane tickets back home. NO WAY TO SELL APPLE STOCK.

First - get online with the iPod and sell the few shares of apple that I still own. Sorry Mr Jobs, I have seen what Apple can do without you.

Second - get butt to WalMart. Discover that $350 gets me an Acer Aspire. It is pink. Guess it aspires to be a computer. This was Wednesday.

Third - I remember that I installed Ubuntu on this computer. Would it boot up Ubuntu? It did.

Now what???? Can I get my life back? Is this the start of a serious Linux relationship?

I miss my Dreeamweaver and RoboForm.