Tuesday January 1, 2002 5:58 PM
Festive New Year to You!

Resolution: Have stop loss orders on ALL my equity positions. Even the ones that have obscene profits. Maybe especially the ones that have obscene profits.

OOPS! Remember that I got tickets to Hawai'i just after Xmas? Well, today, Delta is selling tickets from DCA to Honolulu for $330. That is half of what I paid. Oh well. But, seriously, I think that the "golden age" of air travel is over. Surely things will go back to like they were before "deregulation". Don't see how the airlines can keep bleeding cash and stay in businesses. Sort of like Argentina.

Oh yes, I am having "new computer" lust. Every time I get ready to pack up the trusty old Toshiba - I remember how fat it is. (Like the owner?) I crave a little bitty one. Fujitsu has an absolutely adorable little machine. Complete with a DVD and CD burner. But, it isn't real available. Toshiba makes a workhorse at 4.3 pounds - which also isn't real available in its fully tricked out mode. Toshiba also has a 3.5 pound machine which lacks a CD drive. It is no longer in production and it is available. And, then there is the Japanese version Toshiba. Weighs in at 2.2 pounds. But, it helps to know Japanese.

Maybe I should just get one of those damn wheelie cases. Would be cheaper.