Summer 2006

Grannies on Tour

The Grannie Tour has been expanded to include our oldest granddaughter who is 13 going on 23.

  The Idea Good stuff Bad Stuff
1. Tour Alaska's Inside Passage by Ferry and Planes. Might see bears, whales, eagles. Will see glaciers from sea, air and up close. Can ride the Whitehorse and Yukon Route RR for Doris. It will essentially be the "Alaskan Cruise" sans cruise ship. It could rain every day. Modest lodging and food. Plan to spend every night in some little town. Sam might get bored. We would spend 4 hours every 2nd or 3rd day on the ferry.
2. Go ride every mountain train in Colorado for Doris. I think there are five of them. We could stay in the oldest funkiest hotel in every town. And if we had spare days we could go to towns with hot springs. We might get bored. But, we could do something else.
3. Go exploring cliff dwellings in SW Colorado and go over to check out Monument Valley. Also take pictures at Four Corners. We would learn something. The weather would be nice. We could fit in a train ride and a hot spring. We might get really bored. And tired of all that hiking around. I fear that the lodging and food would be modest. We could do something else if it got too be too boring.
4. Luxury Dude Ranch/Spa My imaginary Dude Ranch has horses for Sam to ride, good food for Doris and Peggy, and a heated swimming pool. Dude Ranches work on a 6 or 7 day cycle. I could spend a week relaxing after #3. Sam can decide which activities she wants to do. Sort of Camp for Grownups. The Grannies might get bored. And we would really not be able to abort this mid-stay.
5. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Four Days Max in Vegas. Shopping, Eating, People Watching, Sightseeing. This could fit in with one of the outdoorsy options. Sam wouldn't be able to go everywhere. But, Doris and I wouldn't want to go every where.



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