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wed 1-may-02 18:10

The Toshiba has landed.

It arrived this afternoon. So far it has fired up. With Windows XP Pro - I was expecting Windows 2000. Still might load Windows 2000 since I think there is a Win2K CD in the box. I got the extra 512meg of ram installed with only two attempts at getting it seated correctly. And the totally unnecessary docking station works fine too. I have connected it to the internet but can not connect it to my network.

We are in wait mode. Carlton is waiting for the cable guy. The cable is a little less than perfect on an intermittent basis. Fat chance that is going to get fixed. But, he is waiting for the dude.

Tomorrow - the dentist at 9am. And, I'll partition my new computer's big old 30 gig drive and get the network connection going.