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sat 1-jun-02 17:43

Started playing with Flash action scripting again.

OK, I absolutely must start thinking about Lowell. Because in about two weeks we'll be leaving for Lowell. Lowell's most famous citizen was Jack Keourac. The hip writer of my youth. You may recall that his most famous work was "On the Road". Well, I was doing a little research on Lowell and read: "After about 2 hours in Lowell, one realizes why Jack Keourac went on the road."

This is the extent of today's preparations for Massachusetts.

On the Thursday night new Dan Rather said that our neighborhood Mosque would most likely be a target of increased FBI surveillance - since two of the 9/11 pilots did much of their planning at Mega Mosque. I figure that the 'hood hasn't been so safe in years. Carlton figures that the biggest danger will be from some outraged American who might decide to bomb the Mosque. But we are far enough away to be safe from bombs.