el paso, tx
sun 3-nov-02 1:23 AM

Scenic El Paso - UTEP

Here it is the middle of the night - and the terrors have stuck again. The terrors are when you start helplessly worrying about things that are:

  1. Completely out of your control or
  2. Out of your control in the middle of the night.

So, I decided to get up and go downstairs and get some "security guard" coffee, have a brownie, and play with my computer.

Some Funny Things:

  1. Halloween - The day after Mom's operation. The doctors tell me that when she gets out of the hospital she'll be sent to a nursing home. Since there is a nursing home where Mom lives - I sprung into action. Went back to Mom's place. All the players were in the dining room having some function. So, here I was discussing putting Mom in a nursing home with The Construction Worker from the Village People and the Scare Crow from the Wizard of Oz. Then Elvira Princess of the Night, who is from the Hospice Association, comes over. Eventually, a large African American Dracula arrives to round out the tableau.
  2. Mom very seriously said "I don't think they have any nurses here." She was looking for women in white dresses and silly hats. Had to explain that that guy in a polo shirt was a damn good nurse.
  3. Today a man in a white coat finally shows up in Mom's room. She thinks he is a doctor - but he is really from "Central Supply" according to his name tag.

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