falls church, va
sun 1-dec-02 20:32

Kailua-Kona 2001

Been making up some cards using digital photos from years gone past. Those of us who have been going to this same seedy little town of Kailua-Kona for many years have long ago used up all the available post card. So, I am making my own. Yes, they have cowboys in Hawai`i. They are called paniola and were imported into Hawai`i in the early 1800's - about the same time as cattle were introduced.

Starting to get ready to go to Hawai`i. I have convinced myself that there is absolutely nothing that I can do about Mom. The is nothing that I can do from here that I can not do from Hawai`i. Even if I were in El Paso, there is damn little that I can do.

Things that have happened since the republicans took over the planet: Hawaii elected a republican governor. This is like the College of Cardinals electing Jerry Falwell Pope.