falls church
sun 1-feb-04

remembering winter 2000 in black and white

Been doing my taxes. Spent some quality time with IRS Pub 1212
. ...Accrual period. For a stripped bond or coupon acquired after 1984 and before April 4, 1994, an accrual period is each 6-month period that ends on the day that corresponds to the stated maturity date of the stripped bond (or payment date of a stripped coupon) or the date 6 months before that date. For example, a stripped bond that has a maturity date (or a stripped coupon that has a payment date) of March 31 has accrual periods that end on September 30 and March 31 of each calendar year. Any short period is included as the first accrual period......
I found a paragraph somewhere in the 16 pages that I might understand and decided to apply it to my situation. Worst thing that can happen is I'll go to prison and have to share a cell with Martha Stewart. (That is enough to scare anyone!)

Hoping we survive today without any terriorist attack. This being the holiest day in our year - SuperBowl Sunday.

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