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thu 1-jul-04

yes, boys and girls, Carlton - Summer of 1956

Day 10 of the Moving Adventure.

Huge piles of stuff vanished today. Value Village rejected a 1950's foot stool and 1960's office chair. And an electric motor that Carlton insists is "good". But, the urban recyclers have already made off with everything except the motor. Value Village and the trash man took the rest.

It is almost that time of year again. Le Tour. Starts July 3. I don't have high hopes for Lance Armstrong to win this year. But, we can still root for him. And, hope that the French don't hold Geo. Bush against him too bad. Seeing as how they are both Texans.

The Washington Post Kid section today told the kiddies that pro bikers (of the male variety) simply "adjust their shorts" and take a wiz while riding. I bet that makes Mother's everywhere happy. "But Mom, I read it in the Post. That's what the big boys do."








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