mon 01-aug-05

Aachen Cathedral - Aachen Germany - 01.aug.05

Cloudy day Monday - Doris and I took to the rails and were heading for Maastricht which is in the very south of Holland. Tucked away between Germany and Belgium.

We train hopped our way across Holland. Stopping for the occasional look about, potty break or pastry. We had 30 minutes to kill in Heeren before we took the last train to Maastricht when Doris noticed that Aachen was just across the border in Germany. So, she bought us tickets to Aachen and we managed to find the Aachen Cathedral which was constructed in 805. That's pretty old. Charlemagne is buried there.

I was impressed and Doris was amazed to find herself standing in the Aachen Cathedral. I had never heard of Aachen. Always travel with person who likes to eat and has a master's degree in art history.

Never did get to Maastricht. Got safely back to Haarlem before midnight.

Aachen Cathedral - Aachen Germany - 01.aug.05

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