arlington, va
sun 1-oct-06

Starling taking a bath in our fountain.

I took noticed that our do nothing Congress seems to have passed legislation to build a 700 mile Great Wall of the Southern US. I am reminded of the Great Wall of China. As I recall - the Great Wall of China didn't work. The mongol hordes still got in. But, the Chinese did get a darn good tourist attraction out of it.

I doubt that the Great Wall of the Southern US will do what it is intended. And, it is an ugly hummer. I also doubt that the Great Wall of the Southern US will be a tourist attraction in 2506.

Speaking of ugly. Our Senate race is getting pretty ugly. Our democratic candidate did say some pretty unsavory things when he was a republican. And, our republican senator has been well and truly exposed as the redneck he always was. Effectively derailing his presidential aspirations. YES!

If I had gone thru with my original plans to take a quickly trip to Singapore - I'd be on my way. Sigh.

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