sun 1-apr-07

No fooling - escaped from tax hell this morning. All that remains is my Virginia tax. Carlton finished his audit and was only slightly burnt.

All last week, while in tax panic mode, I kept trying to score a Fujitsu on eBay. They were selling off a flock of sweet new little computers. Red ones, white ones and blue ones. I kept getting sniped out with 10 seconds to go. But, it did provide an interesting diversion from taxes.

On friday, I gave up and ordered an HP. Yep, a black plastic HP. The computer version of granny panties. Not quite Depends - but definitely granny panties.

So, I go online - lounging au natural in my bed... I start pimping my my new computer. Sure, I want a faster processor. Load me up with RAM. Bring on the 200Gig disk. Bluetooth, you bet. Docking station, extra a/c adapter. Bigger battery. There wasn't a features I didn't want except for the on-board web cam and fingerprint reader. Before long I had added $500 of goodies to this plain black plastic computer. It is being assembled in China. A far cry from a garage in California.

I am having a huge attack of allergies. I think that the volcano air pollution from this winter left my sinuses in a mess and the spring pollen just pushed them over the edge.