wed 6-jun-07

clarendon bike race - sunday

Still not loving Lightroom enough to spend $299 for it. Or even $199 - Amazon is selling it for $199. In fact, I removed it from my computer. I also downloaded a trial of iView - now a Microsoft product. Didn't like it. So, off it came. Then I downloaded a trial of Photoshop Elements - it doesn't run on my computer. So, off it went. Well we are back to all freeware image processing. Which was the idea to start with. But, Adobe Lightroom just looked elegant.

Why do I do this? The Hillary for Prez campaign HQ is next door. They come up to the 7th floor. Just across a little alley. We are on 15. And every time I see the secret police - rather the secret service - up walking around on her roof - I go out and look at them with the binoculars. How long will it be before they come Knock, Knock, Knocking on my door. Heck, they might even kick the door in. Better keep my Democratic bona fides handy.

Next time I'll take a picture of them. Maybe not.