September 22, 2007

Yes, if you don't update your blog, people start to think that you have died.

But, I am still here.

Spent last week making a "highlight" film of Carlton's college career for his 50th reunion. You know - making a slide show used to be easy. You just dumped a bunch of slides in a carousel, checked it once to be sure every thing was right side up and that was it.

Then, computers came around - and we could just dump every thing into Power Point. And that was it.

Then Ken Burns shows up... Now, a simple slide show becomes a full blown movie production effort. Up yours Ken.

My original plan was to include some images from the 1950's. But, I spent too many brain cells on the highlight reel.

To get into a 1950's state of mind - I watched that great old educational film - Duck and Cover... Go see it for your self. It is a public domain piece and is available in all manner of sizes and shapes. Yeah, sure, a desk was going to save my little tush from the bomb.

I am back with the blog program. Not for the readership - but - to help me keep track of myself.