wed 14-Nov-2007


I hate my HP laptop with Vista. The HP hardware is crappy. Vista is a sorry excuse for an operating system. The whole experience sucks. I can count on blue screening once a day. The "big" battery lasts about 45 minutes. The thing gets hot enough to fry eggs. The touch pad does what ever it wants to. And, my mouse died. Honestly, the death of the mouse in not the responsibility of either Microsoft or HP. It was just old.

My old 256mb Fujitsu - now with an 80gig drive - is a much nicer machine. XP is a much nicer operating system.

Now, Microsoft will not let my new HP computer and my old Fujitsu talk to each other. But, the iTunes software on the old Fujitsu happily plays tunes that live on the new new HP. Why is it that Mr Jobs can make his iTunes play nice-but Mr Gates can not make his operating system play nice.

The HP TX1000 is a lemon and Vista is a dead end OS. I am going to admit that I made a mistake and either (1) Get a Mac or (2) Get an XP based Lenovo. Nope, one can not install XP on the TX1000. The drivers don't exist.

Now Apple - start cracking on a little computer.

BTW - I moved the Blog off the HP and to the little old computer.