wed 1-apr-09

a little vintage computer humor

Still settling the "new" computer in. I have a dual boot system. The XP part does the things that Windows does best. In my case that is iTunes, serious photo editing and cataloging, and it copies movies and processes audio books that I download from the library. It is the "media" machine. It also prints nicer than the Ubuntu system does. The XP partition has the most drive space. Come tax season next year - I'll do that on the XP side. Sounds like a lot.

But, most computer time is spent emailing, pondering stock charts, doing web stuff. This is all done from the quick booting Ubuntu partition. This old version of Dreamweaver also runs fine, using Wine, under Ubuntu. I found the codecs I need, so I can listen to the music that is in my iTunes library from Ubuntu.

I am fast becoming a Penguin Person.

I was trying to get my image cull and catalog project going again this afternoon. And I found the "Your computer was unable to start" message photo above. That was the last picture that I took before going to Hawaii last November. So, just why was I so surprised when my machine wouldn't start a couple of weeks ago?

And, I have gotten over my addiction to Roboform. I am slowly converting my passwords and secret answers to Keepass ... This is a system runs on Windows, Linux and I would guess on Macs too. Well, I am getting over my addiction. Keepass isn't as powerful. But, it is free. And cross platform.

I don't miss antivirus software at all.